MythTV is a Free Open Source digital video recorder (DVR) project distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. It has been under heavy development since 2002, and now contains most features one would expect from a good DVR

After playing around with MythTV for some month now, I decided that it is time to contribute to this great project.


MythME is going to be a smart recommending system for MythTV, which runs primary in background. It collects recordings you did in the past and sends this data anonymiously to a server. There, your show collection is compared to collections from other users, and a weighted list of shows possibly interesting for you is returned. These shows, if found in your EPG, are marked for recording with low priority.
You might know this behaviour from several online shops or commercial digital video recorders.

Currently, I am searching for alpha testers; with more and more users participating, the results might get better and better.

In order to run the script, the following additional perl modules are required:
* Data::GUID
* SOAP::Lite

You can install these modules using cpan -i . Download the script from, rename it to and execute (perl

See the very current status at the MythTV Talk Forum

Future tasks (just some):

  • Configuration Frontend like other plugins in Mythfrontend
  • Optimized recommendation (requires some more testers and feedback)
  • Integration into Mythtv 🙂

What do you think about MythME ?

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Patch for Lipsync

The current audio delay in the frontend allows for temporary adjustment to align the audio with the video. Unfortunately, many HDTV owners experience a problem where the audio is about 30-40ms ahead of the video due to the 30-40ms delay that modern HDTV video processors create. While the temporary audio delay controls already implemented in the Myth frontend can help, it would be beneficial to allow a permanent baseline audio delay to be set amongst all recordings. That way, by default the audio could be delayed by 30-40ms, which will align it for most programs, allowing minor adjustment via the temporary audio delay to not always be necessary.

(From the MythTV Wiki)

Having the same issue, I added a, IMHO, nice feature which enables the user to set up a audio sync offset in the general settings of mythfrontend (separate for each host). This offset is added initially to the audio offset already used transiently during playback. The user may also set a special additional delay during a show like before; the global setting is displayed in brackets.

The Patch was put to MythTV Trac: Ticket 6581

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