This page contains some of my projects, tutorials and papers. Most of them where assembled when i was at university.


  1. Plugin-Setup 0.0.6 for Linux VDR
    This Plugin is written to setup the other Plugins you wish to start with your VDR. After installation simply navigate to the Plugin Configuration menu and choose the “plugin-setup”. Here you can select/deselect the Plugins which should be loaded after the next start of the vdr-process.
  2. A programming project in Java: Online Audio-CD Database (german)


  1. Visual Prolog programming Tutorial (german)
  2. Gold Hill Windows Tutorial (GUI for LISP) (german)

Papers (sort of)

  1. My diploma: Neuroinformatische Analyse von Zeit- und Spektralbereichsmerkmalen posturographischer Signale
  2. The Common Lisp Object System (german)
  3. Domain Specific Languages (german)
  4. Stochastic Machines (german)
  5. Multicast Protocols and Algorithms (german)

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