Testing your DSL Connection Speed with FHEM for free

When using FHEM, you can utilize a little script to test your DSL speed periodically and free, without buying separate hardware. The module is called “speedtest”.
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Plot state changes with pilight

After equipping my house with an FHEM controlled heating system, I wanted to get some control how often the heating circuits get turned on day by day. Since FHEM is event based and provides plotting functionality, and additionally my pilight module loggs out every state change, everything left to do is to combine these things.
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Steuerung einer Fußbodenheizung (3)

Heute kommt das abschließende Kapitel in der Steuerung der Fußbodenheizung mit FHEM. Nachdem im ersten Teil die Temperaturfühler installiert wurden und im zweiten Teil die Schaltung der Heizung, ist die Aufgabe nun, die Heizung abhängig von der aktuellen und der Wunschtemperatur automatisch über FHEM schalten zu lassen.
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Steuerung einer Fußbodenheizung (2)

Nachdem ich im vorigen Blogeintrag schon erklärt hatte, was das Ziel dieser Unternehmung ist und beschrieben wurde, wie man die Temperatur kostengünstig in allen Räumen messen kann, geht es heute um das spannendere Thema: Wie schalte ich denn nun die Heizung? Continue reading Steuerung einer Fußbodenheizung (2)

FHEM module “pilight”

As you might have read, I am constructing a FHEM-based solution to switch on my floor heating system. For preparation, I needed to control power plugs via FHEM.
Despite there are many ready-to-use products like FS20 to do that, I was searching for a really cheap solution, which means about 10€/plug instead of 50€. Then i noticed pilight.

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FHEM module “Pushover”

To get our outdoor plants through the winter, we bought a greenhouse with a gas heating. This works perfectly when gas heating is turned on and the gas can is not empty. If not, plants take it amiss overnight.


This circumstance was my motivation to get alarmed if temperaure falls beyond a certain level, lets say 5 degree in the greenhouse. Because we have 2013 and not 90s, I want to get alarmed via push messages on my Android phone (not via email). The service Pushover provides the great possibiliy to send a push message to a phone for free and easily via an API. So I installed the app on my phone and wrote an actor module in FHEM for it.
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