Tested hardware working with fhem-pilight

Since I got lots of feedback for my pilight fhem module, I decided to create a table of hardware tested by its users to ease the dicision which one to buy for the next project.

Keeping this stuff up to date is somewhat time consuming, and because this is free software (of course), if would be great if you buy the hardware via the links in the table – or just visit one of the ads on this site – thanks a lot!

Type Protocol Tested Hardware Comment
Dimmer elro_hc Elro AB440ID Funk-Einbaudimmer zur Lichtsteuerung Only used as switch
Switch elro_he Elro AB440DSS Funkschalter und Dimmer Set mit Fernbedienung (4 Kanäle)
Switch intertechno_old Intertechno 3x Funksteckdose und 1x Fernbedienung “IT-1500” (works with SteckerChecker)
Switch elro_hc mumbi Funksteckdosen Set: 3 x Funksteckdose und 1x Fernbedienung – Plug & Play – 1000 Watt
Switch silvercrest Goobay NK FUNK II Starterkit 3 Funksteckdosen
Outdoor Switch mumbi/pollin mumbi Funksteckdosen Outdoor Set: 4 x Funksteckdose für Aussen + 1 x Fernbedienung – Plug & Play – 1000 Watt – GS
Switch brennenstuhl/pollin Brennenstuhl Funkschalt-Set RCS 2044 N Comfort 1507400
Outdoor Switch pollin CSL – Funksteckdosen-Set (2+1) für den Außenbereich (Outdoor) | inklusive 1x Fernbedienung für max. 4 Steckdosen | IP44-Norm für Außenbereich | LED-Funktionsanzeige | Kindersicherung | maximale Funkreichweite: ca. 25m | Farbe: schwarz
Switch clarus_switch Rev Ritter Typ 8342-BHC

3 thoughts on “Tested hardware working with fhem-pilight”

  1. Hi Andreas,
    can you imagine to implement reading of temperature / humidity sensors (pilight protocol alecto_ws1700). I have some sensors working with pilight and pimatic as frontend, but i want to change to fhem as frontend. Thanks a lot, Stephan

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