Install Wake on Lan

To wake up my MythTV video recorder to program a recording spantaneous when I am not at home, I took a deeper look at the WOL module.

Before starting to configure FHEM, one must first configure the machine whoch should wake up. For Ubuntu, there is a great documentation here. No not forget to activate WOL in BIOS; most times, the configuration can be found beyond the menu entries “Wake on LAN” or “Power on PCI/PCIE Devices”.

If everything is set up, copy & paste the IP and MAC adress of the machine to wake up and create a new entry in FHEM:

define MythTV WOL 72:11:AC:4D:37:13

Now you have to install etherwake on the FHEM server:

sudo apt-get install etherwake

If WOL works independently from FHEM can be tested using command line:

sudo etherwake 72:11:AC:4D:37:13

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